What Students Say

"I have been practicing yoga for around 10 years both in studios and online. Practicing with Elana virtually has been such a gift during this pandemic! She is so warm and inviting and she meets you wherever you are in your skill and comfort level. Her passion is contagious!" - Alyssa (california)

"A little challenging, yet so rewarding for me. Almost felt like I was back in a yoga studio with the way Elana guided the session. 10/10" - Jenn (california)

"Elana is a fantastic teacher for any yoga experience level. Her classes are engaging and motivating. I highly recommend working with her!" - Leanna (California)

"Her optimism on life and the world is infectious. Her enthusiasm, compassion and healing shines through her yoga classes and this energy is within you after each class. I had a wonderful experience and felt at peace and connected with myself after each class!" - Jonathan (Vietnam/Ireland)

"Elana is an amazing yoga teacher! Very encouraging, kind and knowledgeable. She is good at designing a nice flow for the session, a good mix of meditative and physically challenging. She even had some alternate positions for my ankle injury. Highly recommend!" - Alana (Sweden)

"Elana is a skilled facilitator with a lot of knowledge. She is intuitive in her understanding of what your body needs and gently takes you to your edge so you have the opportunity to stretch it. During a session I shared that I can’t bend one of my big toes and even though it’s not a common injury she was able to quickly provide modifications in the movements as well as offer advice on how to carry my body. I feel so supported by her and highly recommend her!" - Jacqueline (Santa Barbara, CA)

"I had the luck of meeting Elana when I was just beginning my spiritual journey and yoga path. I had been given the chance to teach my first yoga class, however I had no experience, only inspiration. Elana thankfully offered her great knowledge and energy to help me plan and lead the class. She did so selflessly, and just to see another realize their love of yoga. This embodies who she is as a person. The next day, I took a yoga class taught by her and it was the most incredible flow I have ever experienced. I hope everyone can experience the magic Elana will impart on you." - Stefan (Oregon, USA)

"Elana is a gifted yoga teacher who embodies the philosophy of yoga with kindness and love.  I would recommend her classes to yoga practitioners both beginner and experienced." - Rosa (UK/Canada)

"Other classes I attended in the past were often too strong or "too much" in some sense for me, to the point where I wasn't able to enjoy. Elana's approach is gentle, but still on point, leading me to my best expression on the mat: I was really amazed by her sensitivity and knowledge." - Paolo (Italy)

"I'm a beginner in yoga and was a bit nervous before the class, but she did such a great job in creating a safe space! She really brings out the best in people and I would highly recommend her as a yoga teacher!" - Clara (Sweden)

"Elana’s classes are beautiful for the body, mind and soul. A gifted teacher with a heart big enough for all." - Marilyn (Australia)

"Elana is one of the most talented and passionate yoga teachers I have ever met!" - Gabriele (Italy)