Sacred Mornings

Is your technology getting in the way of enjoying your precious morning moments?

This course goes beyond creating a basic morning routine. I help you cultivate a morning practice that really serves you, and eliminate one of the main obstacles that prevents that from being sustainable.

This is a challenge many of us experience in this modern world where technology is ubiquitous and we rely on it for so much. In this 21 day self-paced course, I empower you with tools to create healthier boundaries with your technology and practices to begin your day in a way that truly serves and nourishes you. You will learn how to take back control of that sacred morning You time that you so deserve, and be on the path to living a more conscious life aligned with your desires. The course includes many resources and daily guidance, as well as support & accountability by me if needed. I developed this program based on my own struggle and breakthroughs, as well as years of studying and researching human behavior and conscious living practices. I deeply believe that this course can change your life, just as these tools & practices have changed mine!

Sacred Mornings: 21 day self-paced online course to help you break that habit of getting sucked into your phone when you wake up, begin your days with conscious intention, and reclaim your mornings

What You Get

  • 11 Guided downloadable mindfulness practices (meditation, breathwork, yoga, and more!)
  • Specific tools, tips, & strategies for healthier technology boundaries (including how-tos)
  • Daily journaling prompts for introspection + over 35 bonus prompts
  • Worksheets, research articles, quizzes, and more to help you integrate the info
  • 3 morning music playlists
  • 3 special guest-led practices
  • ~2 hours of video lessons
  • Morning Elixirs Recipe e-book
  • Support & Accountability with me once/week via email or text
  • Empowerment & Inspiration to make lasting change + so much more!
  • Forever access, including any updates

My Promise to You

  • Create a healthier relationship with your tech
    You will learn the tools & strategies needed to have healthier boundaries with your technology and kick the habit of scrolling your phone first thing in the morning. You will reclaim a feeling of control in this relationship.
  • Learn an array of mindfulness practices
    You will be armed with an arsenal of mindfulness practices you can include in your morning routine or any time of day to bring more presence into your life. You will learn practices that will help you start your day from a nourished, grounded place, in a way that feels good to YOU.
  • Live more consciously and in tune with yourself
    You will gain a better understanding of your attachment to your phone, how it is affecting your life, and a better awareness of yourself in general. You will be able to make decisions more intentionally and be more comfortable trusting your inner wisdom.

Still not sure? Just want a taste?

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or check out this podcast episode where I discussed my philosophy on morning routines!


“Sacred mornings has been such a gift during this pandemic. I found myself on my phone scrolling social media way more than usual, and this program served as accountability for me to engage in something different in the mornings. Elana was so encouraging and had such great ideas and recommendations for us!” - Alyssa

“I gained so much from Elana's course. She helped me to understand why social media is so addictive and how I can gain better awareness around my screen time habits and create a healthier relationship with my phone! The program started off gently but by the end I was happily waking up and getting ready without even glancing at my phone, instead spending the time doing meditation and yoga. I really believe this course has helped me deal with my anxiety and lead a more mindful life.” - Rosa

“I always found myself reaching for the phone first thing in the morning and I knew I needed to change that. The Sacred Mornings course pushed me to make my mornings more mindful and connected more with myself rather than the phone. Elana is a lovely teacher, with her meditations, breathworks and tips she led the group very well and was always available for any clarification. Very helpful course - totally recommend it!” - Gabriel

“The first thing I did every morning was check social media. I hated that this was the first thing on my mind when waking up. I enrolled in Elana’s Sacred Mornings course to break this habit, and am so glad I did! Taking this course was simple to follow and really opened my eyes up to the benefits of putting the phone down and focusing on me." - Kristyn

"I had previously recognized the need for changing my unbalanced engagement with technology and started making some adjustments on my own, but Elana’s course provided the additional clarity I needed on the benefits of creating a plan for my morning routine vs. falling into an addictive behavioral pattern. Sacred Mornings offered logical steps to building healthy habits, and it provided the specific tools I needed to achieve my vision and live more intentionally. I now start every morning with a focus on my priorities and the firm awareness that technology is a tool that I control for a healthier lifestyle. This course was a great investment of my time." - Linda

"I was never a morning person. After participating in Sacred Mornings, I now love waking up early and spending time with myself. I feel so much more at peace and productive with my days when I start out doing something I enjoy. Thanks to Elana for providing me with the tools and encouragement to help create new daily habits that kickstart my days on a positive note." - Alex

~ FAQ ~

  • How much time will the course take? The course is designed to be taken in a consecutive 21 days, but it is self-paced, so it is okay if you miss a day. You can do it at any pace you'd like, but consecutively will give you the best possible results. Each day, there is about 10-30 mins of material in a combination of reading, videos, journaling prompts, and guided practices. You should be able to commit a minimum of 10 minutes to it each day, but I provide plenty of opportunity to go deeper if you want to spend longer studying the concepts and content of each day.
  • How long will I have access to the course? You will have lifetime access to the course and any updates or additions I make to it. 😀
  • What if I'm in a different time zone? Does the course happen live? The course does not happen live. It is self-paced, therefore, you can take it when and wherever you want, no matter what time zone you're in!
  • Is this a yoga course? If you're thinking yoga classes, postures, asana - No. This course only has one day dedicated to yoga movement. However, this course is greatly influenced by the other limbs of yoga, which include philosophy on how to live your life, meditation, breathwork, building awareness, etc. So if you want to learn what yoga is truly about, beyond the postures, this course is a great start!
  • What technology do I need to access this course? All you need is internet and your beautiful self! You can access this course from a desktop or mobile device, anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • What was the methodology/research used to build this course? This course is built from my own lifetime of independent studies of mindfulness, conscious living, health & wellness, as well as my personal experience. I have also infused concepts from my studies and practice in yoga, tantra, and Buddhist philosophy. Many of the claims I make in the course have been linked to research articles or can be easily searched.
  • Do you offer refunds if the course doesn't resonate with me? I can offer a 7 day money back guarantee, but beyond that, I am unable to offer full refunds. If you are unsatisfied, please contact me to discuss how I can accommodate.
  • Between family and work, I don't have much time in the mornings... therefore I'm not sure if this course is right for me... It doesn't matter how much time you have to yourself in the morning - you can still have a mindful morning with even just 5 or 10 minutes. Any amount of time is meaningful, and this course will teach you how to bring mindful moments into other parts of your day as well. I know a single mom of four little kids - and they know that 10 mins of meditation each morning is a non-negotiable before they trample her with their love. There will always be excuses, but make yourself a priority and the rest will fall into place one way or another. I am here to support you if you are struggling to fit it in.

Included Content

Entrance Survey
Welcome & Logistics
Welcome Video
Who Am I
Week One: Diving Deep (20 mins)
Day 1: Your Why
Day 1: Your Why (video)
Day 2: Tuning In
Day 3: How Will You Start Your Day?
Day 4: Personal Insights & Breakthroughs
Day 4: Insights and Breakthroughs (video)
Day 5: Wake Up the Body
Day 6: Savor the Silence
Day 6: Savor the Silence (video)
Day 7: Morning Music
Week One Recap
Week Two: Tools & Taking Control (40 mins)
Day 8: Tools & Techniques (video)
Day 8: Who Wears the Pants?
Day 9: Ritualizing Water
Day 10: Self Nourishment
Day 11: A Matter of Habit (video)
Day 11: A Matter of Habit
Day 12: Breath is Life
Day 12: Dirga Breath/3 Part Breath/Deep Belly Breath (video)
Day 13: Modern-day Addiction
Day 14: Connecting with Yourself
Day 14: Microcosmic Orbit (video)
Week Two Recap
Week Three: Cultivating Sacred Mornings (1 hr)
Day 15: Wake Up Refreshed
Day 15: Wake Up Refreshed (video)
Day 16: Positive Affirmations
Day 16: Positive Affirmations (video)
Day 17: Morning Movement
Day 17: Morning Movement (video)
Day 18: Waking Up with Nature
Day 19: Energizing Elixirs
Day 19: Elixir Ceremony (video)
Energizing Elixirs Ebook
Day 20: Gratitude
Day 20: Gratitude (video)
Day 21: Setting Intention
Week Three Recap
Farewell (video)
A Final Note
Sacred Morning Worksheet
Sacred Mornings Journaling Prompts
Further Reading
Exit Survey
Let's Stay in Touch!