Radical Rest: Resting with Intention

R E S T is the best

In the chaos and overwhelm of this day and age, one of the most important and radical acts of self care is to slow down, simplify, turn off the phone, and literally rest. However, just like animals go into hibernation, the truth is that humans naturally need periods of deeper rest to rejuvenate and replenish our energy reserves. But the only way rest can really do its job is if it's intentional.

In this 1 hr workshop, you'll:

  • learn how to tell if you are resting enough or not, or if your rest is actually doing it's job
  • discover how rest supports your nervous system + other benefits
  • learn the importance of the 5th (and underrated) limb of yoga, Pratyahara, and how you can incorporate it into your life practically
  • learn a meditation practice you can use for turning off external stimuli + turning inward
  • get tips for incorporating more intentional rest
  • receive journaling prompts
  • be guided through a 30 min yoga nidra practice (equivalent to 2-4 hrs of sleep!)

All you need is a comfortable place to sit, lie down, warm cozies, a journal, and tea if you'd like!

***This workshop is included in the Living Yoga Membership

Included Content

Radical Rest Workshop + Yoga Nidra