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The Big Cosmic Joke

By Elana Love

THU MAY 13, 2021


Being human can just be a lot sometimes can't it? I have been feeling the heaviness and overwhelm of life more pronounced lately. Sometimes it makes me cry, and then sometimes it makes me cry so hard that I laugh at myself. And then I remember the big cosmic joke. Are you familiar with the "big cosmic joke"?

I'd personally rather call this meat-coated skeleton a "soul suit" but that's neither here nor there. The point is - It's so easy to get caught up in our daily little dramas, the stories we create for ourselves, in playing the game of life. Of course we must play by the rules of society to some extent in order to function in it, but the problem is that we spend so much of our energy living in this realm that we forget the bigger picture. We forget the essence of living, the purpose of living - to simply experience existence.

The purpose of life is personal, in my belief. It is something we make meaning of for ourselves, throughout our individual journeys. But one thing is true for all of us - everything we know, have ever known, and will ever know is temporary and fleeting.

Ultimately - we are here to simply experience the ride, to enjoy. To feel all the things that remind us of our aliveness along that path - whether it come in the form of the wind in our hair and the sunshine on our face, or the unexpected pang of stepping on a sharp rock, losing sight of the trail, or weed-wacking our way through overgrown thornbush at times (anyone else relate - both literally and figuratively? 😅).

And that is one of the things I love about yoga. It has the capacity to bring us back to such awareness, such presence. It helps us cultivate more space within us to hold it all. And when we create more space for the whole human experience, we also expand our capacity for pleasure and joy.

What happens on the yoga mat is simply a reflection and a practice for your life off the mat. It's a place to meet yourself with love, exactly as you are. I have seen in my students that it can be a place that feels like home, a place where they can let out an exhale, a sound or emotion, a sigh of relief, and feel a little more in touch with their true Selves. You know.... that stardust inside that soulsuit Self. 😉